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Don’t let bugs and pests take over your yard

Keep your yard free of unwanted ticks and moths with pest control by Toms River Tree Service.

Gypsy moth control | Toms River, NJ | Toms River Tree Service | 732-349-3596

Prevent a swarm of gypsy moths from killing your trees.

You can easily keep gypsy moths, which defoliate millions of acres annually, from attacking your trees using simple, timely, and environmentally safe controls. Learn to spot the warning signs so you can keep your trees safe:

  • Eggs masses on trees, swings, or outdoor furniture
  • Holes in leaves
  • Defoliation

Stop ticks from plaguing your family with bites or Lyme disease.

Banish ticks, and the diseases they carry, from your property with effective controls. Turn the preferred habitat of ticks, the area between your yard and any woods nearby, back into a pest-free paradise with expert inspection and diagnosis, suitable treatment, and careful and routine monitoring.

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